KMD Level 1 TEST Guide

KMD Level 1 Test evaluates a student’s understanding and physical application of Level 1 techniques. It tests one’s mindset and ability to perform under stress. Teamwork, listening and embracing the suck together is the foundation of the KM1 Test. 

Ready to test? Maybe if: 

  1. Student trained approximately 40 classes / 4-6 months. This a guideline and understand some students progress slower or faster. It is expected students can demonstrate KM1 self defense techniques in a smooth complete flow without hesitation. 
  2. Student is in great physical conditioning. This is not only about weight-loss (although a positive side effect). Includes stamina and endurance to withstand the length of the test.
  3. Obtain “Physical Pre Test Requirements” sheet and demonstrate  in front of Instructor. Instructor will sign completed or failed. 
  4. Receive official KMD Test Invite Card from Instructor verifying student is welcome to test. 

It is important to remember Krav Maga is not about belts and tests. Krav Maga is about training to never have to face that day of hell we envision.  

KMD will never promise to pass a student nor is passing a test guaranteed. KMD is not a belt peddling school. 

Train and give it your best. Do this for YOU. Don’t rush the process - enjoy the ride ?

Date: December 9, 2022
Time: 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Location: Floor 1
950 W Maple Rd Suite D
Troy, MI 48084 us
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